The Spot*
Clearlake, Calif.

Burgers   Bar   Live Music

A classic 1950s themed bar and grill on the lake.  
Come for the food.  Stay for the music.  
Remember good times.

Coming to The Spot*
(NOTE: Scroll Down to the text for the full schedule)

  1. Holus Bolus
    Sep 14
    Holus Bolus
    One Man Acoustic Loop
  2. Big Kiss Whiskey
    Jun 1
    Big Kiss Whiskey
    Classic and Modern Country Western
  3. Beer Scouts
    Jul 27
    Beer Scouts
    Wide range of Rock
  4. Henry Oden
    Aug 2
    Henry Oden
    Master Bluesologist
  5. Time Travelers
    Jul 6
    Time Travelers
    Classic Country, Rock, Blues
  6. Claude Bourbon
    Jun 22
    Claude Bourbon
    Medieval & Spanish Blues
  7. Bushman’s Bash
    Aug 3
    Bushman’s Bash
    Bay Area
  8. Wendy DeWitt
    July 5
    Wendy DeWitt
    Queen of Boogie-Woogie
  9. Mark Weston Band
    May 25
    Mark Weston Band
    Classic Rock, Covers
  10. Clean Sweep
    May 24
    Clean Sweep
    Blues Baby!


This is the line-up for the coming weeks.  All events are subject to change and weather permitting for outdoor performances.  To receive updates on these events, follow us on Twitter @Clearlake_spot or download our free App by pressing this button:


Unless otherwise noted, performances @ 6-9 p.m.

2019 Music Dates:

MAY 2019:
Fri 5/3:  FOGG
Sat 5/4: DR. GROOVE
Fri 5/10:  DR. GROOVE
Sat 5/11: K & J Music
Sun 5/12 (MOTHERS' DAY): Howard Dockens 11 am to 2 pm.
Fri 5/17: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat 5/18: Live At Five

Fri 5/24: Clean Sweep
Sat 5/25: Mark Weston Band

Fri 5/31: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 


Sat. 6/1: Big KISS Whiskey 

Fri. 6/7: Pyschedellos 
Sat. 6/8: FOGG

Fri. 6/14:  Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 6/15: Dr. Groove

Fri. 6/21: Clean Sweep
Sat. 6/22: Claude Bourbon (Medieval & Spanish Blues)

Fri. 6/28: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 6/29: Mark Weston Band
JULY 2019

Fri. 7/5: Wendy DeWitt (Queen of Boogie-Woogie)
Sat. 7/6: Time Travelers

Fri. 7/12: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 7/13: Dr. Groove

Fri. 7/19: Psychedellos
Sat, 7/20: Clean Sweep

Fri 7/26: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 7/27 Beer Scouts

AUGUST 2019:

Fri. 8/2: Henry Oden
Sat. 8/3: Bushman’s Bash

Fri. 8/9: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 8/10: Mark Weston Band

Fri. 8/16: Psychedellos
Sat 8/17: Clean Sweep 

Fri. 8/23: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 8/24: Dr. Groove
Fri 8/30: Clean Sweep
Sat. 8/31: Beer Scouts


Fri. 9/6: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 9/7: Dr. Groove

Fri 9/13: Clean Sweep
Sat. 9/14: Holus Bolus

Fri. 9/20: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 9/21: Dr. Groove

Fri 9/27: Psychedellos
Sat. 9/28: Mark Weston Band


Fri 10/4: Henry Oden